Wednesday, April 17, 2013

My love for ice creams!!!

Well..Yes I have started this series..and I am in my senses :) Lets bee honest, haa...we all have some thing to confess, so why shy away?? .  I am being honest and I tell you that I love Ice creams, I had 2 Ice creams today back to back, yes...its true.

Although it has nothing to do with my confession but I have written a piece..which I would like to share before I forget it, it just came spontaneously :

I enjoy the sun beams
 ebbing steams and ice creams :)!!
My heart fills with joy when I see a crimson rose
and the place where it grows!!
I like the buzz of bumble bees
and sun shine filtering through tall tress!!
I love to admire the beauty of dew drops
and the way wind sweeps the golden crops!!


  1. Awesome.....I think it is time to publish your diray which is with me....

  2. that diary in Dubai??

    1. Nope it is in kashmir....i will bring it along this time when I visit Kashmir.