Friday, April 26, 2013

Things for god to do

There are certain things that we cannot control directly, that are beyond our reach, and sometimes its just best to leave the things the way they are and pray to god to show us the right path and to give us what is in our best interest. Well, yes, I am writing this...but to tell you the truth, I was not like this earlier, 3-4years back and then one day, I got an email from some body that I did not know, but what I read, changed my whole prespective to look at things and what I read, I am going to share with you, what I have been practicing so far.

I have a box and I have named it "THINGS FOR GOD TO DO". Whenever there is something that is beyond my control, I write that down on a piece of paper and put it in that box, and i wait, I wait as I know that god will take care of it, since I trust god and accept that it can only be done by him, and to tell you the truth, till this time whatever I have put in that box had been fullfilled, god had really taken good care of me....and whenever my wish is granted, I take that wish out of that box and replace it with a thank you note, and let it be there for some it is also very important to thank god as well.... what I read in that email, I follow...and things have changed for me....what I have learned is that, whenever you put your faith in god, he never lets you down....he is always just need to awake your true self to feel him.

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