Sunday, April 28, 2013

Workout day#1 :)

Good heavens!!! I have finally started my workout regimen from today and I will definitely keep it going (don't want to jinx it), I started with few stretching and warming exercises, followed by Hath yoga, and jeez, I can't tell you how sore stiff my body is :(  god I was not able to stretch my leg fully, had that bad stretching pain in my hamstrings, my neck was stiff and so were my arms, okay lets admit it , yes entire body was in pain :S booo, so I did a workout for only 30 minutes today as I want my body to be prepared and not to be dragged in all this.

I have made of the record of my vital stats and my weight, I will keep a track of it and also I am going to modify my diet a little bit, lets now finally, I want to dust my old bones a little and get set goooo!!!

I am attaching a Hath Yoga video, however there are loads of videos on You tube, but this one I found to be very informative, straightforward, and useful
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