Thursday, April 2, 2015

Around here

Vacation is over and we are back to work!! If you ask me, I do miss the time I spent in Jammu, yes I did, It was fun, I could pick up my camera and go out to click few shots, life was slow and relaxing, Vihaan had plenty to space and crawl around , he had lots of love around, he was happy and I had help around when I needed it!!

 I am little sad because I won't get to see the blue Admiral, the tiny blue Adonis, I won't see the blooming lily, daisy, and heather families...I won't get to hear the faint cries of Alpine chough perched on the mango tree nor will I hear the melodies of sunbird,hoopes, passerines and chickadees,...I won't see the first mango of the season on the mango tree...I won't smell the aromas of freshly ground spices...I will miss out on all this!!

and now when I am back here...feels like I have to start all over again...Vihaan is edgy all the time...he seems to feel cramped up in our small apartment...I guess he misses people around, his great granddad, grandpa and grandma ,and our domestic help !! he misses the cycle rides and spending time out in the sun and all this bothers me to the core, I wish to give him that sort of carefree life but for that I ll have to make few adjustments, that means Akash will have to live here alone if we ever think of moving to his home town which is not gonna be easy :(   Akash is my best buddy and it's not easy for me to live away from him...I will miss him a lot and then again it's about Vihaan as well...we have think about his future too...

I am caught up in all these things lately...constantly thinking about all this...I wish my mind was a free flowing stream, flowing in it's own melody...calmly !!   
I wish my mind was like a gold flake...ever lighter!! 

somewhere inside I know that while I am spending my days here in my apartment in mumbai, at the dawn , the birds in small groups will fly back home after spending the day out in the wild, the Alpine chough will come again and cry remembering someone, I know that the spices will be sifted, sorted and grounded again...their aroma will make someone sneeze, i know that flowers will bloom, deck the flower beds...they will attract the bees, the butterflies...the air will be heavy will floral scents...I know that small miracles will continue to happen whether I am there to witness them or not...I know that the street lamp will guard the lonely street every night...I know everything will take its usual course and I know I will imagine this every night while I will try to sleep...i know that I will go to the astral plane while I am sleeping to feel the grass under my bare feet, to feel the fragrance fill my senses, to hear all the melodies...    

 while I am away!!

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