Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Lost- Just like that!!

Today, I feel lost,  like an ordinary singleton draped in fabric of restlessness, dyed in the shade of deep pretence, woven with so many insecurities, stitched with anxiety…that’s my garb today …and the predicament is such that I cannot take this garb off me, because that will make me vulnerable , make me a subject of talk, bone of contention.

I feel like as if I am wearing a crown of drudgery, crown of sadness, of unseen fears which is making my head heavy and my judgement clouded…

 There is this palpable tenderness in my heart… It’s choked up with too many why’s …

And today I lack the mettle to counter these why’s??  I am tired, I am so lost !!


  1. oh oh....don't surrender to ur lost path...cheer up....u r the inspirer.....

    1. Thanks for the kind words dear... Some days are just grey... Ll bounce back.