Friday, April 24, 2015

Restless like an ever flowing river!!

Lately I have been feeling as if my body is like an abandoned if I have left it and moved on...I don't pay any attention to it...I don't stop for a while...close my eyes, chant some prayers, I don't light up a lamp, or any incense to thank it!! I am so lost that sometimes I feel that my life is a selflessly flowing river...charting it's own course...bending when it's needed, bifurcating when required... overcoming every barrier... not stopping, not resting , just flowing day and night...!!

And because of not resting, I have been experiencing this sharp persistent pain in my legs!! As if they are trying to tell me something, trying to bring my attention to them...pleading for some rest, telling me that I am not being fair...crying out loud!! I think I have restless legs syndrome...Its not that I am gravitating towards this weirdly funny name but some of the symptoms are there...night pain, sleeplessness and all...treatment is relaxation, massage, sticking to a sleep schedule...well I am not sure whether I can do all this or not...why?? because I am like a river...not stopping, not resting , just flowing day and night...!!

Isn't it don't understand life completely, or even remotely, but you still love it, well I's like being in a "havan" a ritual in which offerings are made into the holy fire while sacred chants are recited by the learned holy men...who tend to know more about life and it's complexities than you do, or they pretend to don't understand a thing...the meaning of the chants...people tell you it's to be performed in a particular way because it is described so in the vedas.. when you ask why??, they have no answer to it...or they try to convince you by justifying certain  things...sometimes you take that ..and sometimes you don't...but you like it...the kindling of the sacred fire, it's warmth, you like the scent of the herbs, aroma emanating from the like the resonance, the echo of the sacred stirs something deep inside you...and you like being a part of feel moved!!

that's life...

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