Sunday, April 5, 2015


It's late at night...I am lying in the dark, my face in the shadow casted by the faint light slicing through the bedroom window... but my eyes are wide awake, watchful, quiet, and tired.

I force shut my eyes...I try to tame my mind, I try to reign it, slow it bit much I wish it to listen to me and let me rest for a little while...but it doesn't. 

Tonight my mind is like a traveller riding an unruly horse, it's  like a restless river, tugging and pulling at me like an impatient's like dazzling bright sunlight... blinding me...

Tonight my mind is like an afternoon breeze that beats against the temple bells, making them go to-and-fro, echoes all around, in the's like a leopard gazing with bright eyes, waiting to strike...

I don't give up...I try to drift my thoughts, try to relax my mind a bit ...

I close my eyes and I find myself surrounded by tall grass, green and refreshing to the eyes..i take off my shoes...and I move on, following the peacock screeching...I sense the mixed aroma of the mountain herbs... I feel as if I am enticed by some forest spirits...may be that's why I keep coming back to the woods, that's why I refuse to lie down,  and night after night I find myself returning to the woods, charmed by the tall tress who seem to whisper my name, lured by the shadows casted by them...I get enchanted by the melody of a gentle river who seems to be a flowing like a roll of ribbon...

My lids get heavy...I doze off!!!


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    1. Thanks Josna...I hopped to your profile and saw Jovi's video...she is such a sweetheart..I liked her tee...the one with rudolph the red nosed reindeer
      For some reason I couldn't comment even though I tried.