Saturday, April 18, 2015

Our day today - From :( to :)

We had been thinking of buying a new couch for our living room from quiet sometime and finally after going through a lot of mental work...and checking almost every third online furniture website, we ordered a couch through Snapdeal 2 weeks ago and were expecting the delivery today and guess what instead of couch, those guys dropped us a spoiler mail stating that the product can't be delivered , it's out of stock...blah blah!... that was it...we were disappointed, sad and angry...I mean who does that?? the annoying part was that it is still showing in their website as "in stock" so that tells us that their service is just bad...bad...bad...!!!

so what to do next...then we finally purchased another couch from's beautiful, much more gracious than the snapdeal one :) it will be delivered by next weekend...  

 This is sad part of story :(

now coming to the other part-

I was totally irked with the clothes designs for the young boys in the market...I mean we have so many options, designs for girls out there in terms of clothing but when it comes to boys...just those Ho-hum shirts, tees, pants and all...nothing new...come-on...don't boys have a right to dress up differently..can't we have something unique , more in the clothing for them :(

That was it!!  I thought of buying the cut fabric and getting something stitched for vihaan...something other than the "flat as a pancake" type of design... after a  lot of internet search I chose an online store Itokri...they have a wide range of cut fabric collection...

I ordered a hand screen printed cotton fabric...and insisted that they deliver it to me as soon as possible so that i can get two shirts for Akash and one for Vihaan...{By the way I intend to do a photo shoot...Two guys will look dashing in the similar fabric!!} and to my surprise it was delivered today, in the evening, much sooner than expected date...inside the package was a beautiful note for me from the Itokri team...and a surprise gift as was not the gift or the note that cheered me up but the gesture that seemed to be genuine and really sweet!! that's the real customer service, the wow factor!! 

This is happy part of the story :)

I am thankful to God...for ending my day with thought that good still exists...that there is still goodness around...that god cares for us and is watching over us all the time.

I will be doing a photo shoot of my handsome duo once the shirts get stitched!! eagerly waiting...

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