Tuesday, April 7, 2015


Spoken Words!! They are not always just the units of sound or the elements uttered, at times they are just more than that!!

At times they seem to be like birds in the flight, suspended in the air...in between...they are hard for the listener to let them simply in...to process them and understand them... 

At times they are like an avalanche, sudden...least expected..accelerating rapidly and growing in mass, capable of destruction!!

At times spoken words are like waves, chasing each other. At times like sacred offerings to some Deity, offered out of sheer fear for escaping the fury of God's or simply offered because it is a custom and is to be followed...

Like eyes brimmed with tears ...at times like a bird at the window sill, singing a sad love song!!

And sometimes words are like the captivating shimmering fan of iridescent blue and green plumage of a peafowl...with rattling and shaking..fanned not just like that, without a reason...!!

Words are not just sounds at times....they are more than that!!

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