Thursday, April 2, 2015

Vihaan's first birthday

We are back in Mumbai and it feels like I have to start all over again, everything seems to be a mammoth task, anyways I will talk about that in a different post, this post is dedicated to my darling Vihaan, you turned 1 on March 26th...

My charming, you grew cell by cell, inch by inch day after day from my sap...oblivious to the outer world, you remained safe in the warm waters of my the darkness but not ignorance... for 9 months, yet you were not alone, you knew are the only one who listened to my beat from inside, from that beat, we two developed a thread of danced to my tunes, you kicked me hard in the ribs and you responded whenever I asked you something, we were together day and night...we were inseparable!!!

and now here you are, 1 year old boy!! grown up but still a little baby who tries to catch a stream of water with his hands and coos in excitement as the water rushes down leaving his hands wet and empty... boy who looks at starry sky with joy and who cries a bucket when I don't pick him up... who now knows how to throw a tantrum!!!

Though We couldn't do much for your birthday as your dad's Paternal Aunt Expired 3 days before the birthday, We celebrated  with the kids in the Orphanage, gifted them few things and arranged for a breakfast. back home we clicked few pictures while you were busy smearing your own customized cake all over the floor.

I  love you my darling and wish you a very happy birthday...

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