Tuesday, June 16, 2015

DIY-Creative Nook/Revamping an old space

l am a restless soul, or to put it precisely "I am the change" ;)

Little bored with my living space, Today I tried to revamp it a bit...without having to spend a penny, I like the idea of "Homemade charm" using the things that are inside the house only and creating something new every time...I think that money can buy you stuff but it also kills the creativity!!

From my multitude collection of books, I used some of the interesting pages and created a creative nook...this time , I chose to incorporate different aspects...from an Aayat in Arabic to  a Sanskrit sholak...from a theory related to Ethics to a simple statement that says"Use what you have" that defines my work :) ...

From quiet some time i was thinking of buying a map and today while searching for pages , i found an interesting world atlas and i thought why not make one at home ...i had wooden dowels...so i just pasted the pages together and "taa daa" here is my map!!

So now all i have to buy is a lamp for highlighting the space, and that can be delayed for a while!! I am happy with this new change and i am loving it :)

This is what I call frugal living...not just living but cherishing the creativity that blooms inside!!

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  1. woh!wow! what a transformation!!!!this is awesome supree!!!