Friday, June 26, 2015

Rain and the unrest

We reached here on 24th June and while onboard,the flight captain announced that the temperature in kashmir is 15 degrees and its also  raining....we landed and were welcomed by heavy down pour...and it has been raining since then day and night...people here have witnessed  recent floods and everybody is tense since the water level in Sangam river has crossed the danger mark and the river Jehlum is rising niece and nephew had been to school was a usual morning when we received a call from the school stating that the nearby Jehlum river is rising and school day has been called off....we rushed off to the schools to get the kids....there was an unrest all around...people were really body wants to undergo the same ordeal again....on our way back I got a glimpse of the seemed to be just touching the danger mark!! I also happened to pass through the streets of once happening Rajbagh and Jawahar Nagar areas....that used to be buzzing with life and full of hustle and bustle but now all i could see was ruble and heaps of concrete! ! It was really heart breaking to see such a sight!! Floods here have left a disastrous impact and it will take a while for people to recover from it!!

All we can do for now is to pray for rain to stop and for little sunshine to instill some energy , some warmth in our damp spirits !!


  1. Oh oh!!! these changes of Nature is really hard to predict -:( hope everything turned out fine by now.

    1. Yes dear you can't predict!! But thankfully we have sunshine here finally :)