Monday, June 1, 2015

Time, letting go, and change!!

Not just the momentarily uplifted mood but the sustained effect, or to say correctly all day long sustained release of the contentment and happiness!! There was an unnecessary upheaval going on in my mind….tottering my peace of mind, making me tired and gloomy by the end of the day…. That’s when I started to read “Book of women” ~ Osho, it is a great book indeed…it cleared many cobwebs in my mind….and when cobwebs are removed, the light enlightens the soul, gives a clear visibility to the eyes….your vision changes from being myopic to much wider!!

There is time for everything…time for loneliness, time for solitude, time for celebrations, time for introspection, time for letting be, time for gathering the pieces of the what is left, time for moving on!! And what’s more important is to understand the subtle hints of time, telling you silently to change with it…

when you see a peony, it’s large, often fragrant flowers, filling the air with its fragrance, you know it's spring and when you see the beautiful pink flowers of a lotus, afloat on the top of water surface, while the roots are deep in the soil in bottom, you know its summer, you rely on your knowledge, on your instincts to know when is the time for what!!

You should know when it is the time to embrace the change gracefully, like unfolding petals of a flower that embraces the wind….even if the fact remains that wind might embrace the flower so passionately that it might blow the petals away….into the air…

On a lighter note, We (I and Josna) had been on a day out, just two of us on Saturday…kids were taken care by their respective dad’s while the two of us shared some lighter moments over a cup of coffee and iced tea…it was a break for both of us…break from our routine and I must confess I forgot about whom I was for those 2 ½ hours…the conversation was about life in general, our future goals, how we want to see our life in say next 2-3 years and how to focus on good things in life!!  In all the effortless thread of communication, we forgot to click a picture of us...the memorable picture!! anyhow I am saving that memory here in my post forever!!

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