Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Story of a leaf….

It was the time of re-birth, rejuvenation, renewal, resurrection and regrowth…it was spring!! Snow was melting each day slowly, delicately and the streams were running down the hills…valleys were laden with golden daffodils, dales were decked up with purple Crocuses and the view was spectacular…life was blooming everywhere!! Just then a tiny green leaflet was borne on the branch of a tree…it opened its eyes to the melodies of the passerines, symphonies of  Robin, fluttering of the butterflies!! This tiny leaf knew that somewhere on the earth people will be decorating the windows and doors with the fresh garlands of Jasmine and rose, they will be making colourful Rangoli on the steps and thresholds, and  offering Sandalwood to the fire deity, celebrating its birth….and on the very first night of it’s birth, it  saw the spectacular fireworks in the northern sky, indicating that people somewhere  are scaring away the bad spirits and souls!! They are celebrating its birth!!

Each day it grew a little more, in the morning it was awaken by the kisses of the sunshine, all day long it was entertained by the breath taking somersaults of the bumble bees, and by the hip hop dancing of  dragon flies…in the evening it went into the  trance by the continuous vibrating sound of the male Cicadas, it was lulled to the sleep by the caressing moonshine and at times gently awaken by the magical Moon bow too….and amidst all this, it used to think : “what a wonderful life it is”

And then ,
came the summer, and along with it came the day long heat…while the flowers were still blooming, the fruits were getting ripened by the strong sunlight, there were thunderstorms and rains, the streams were swollen with blessings from above…there was enchanting performance by the clouds, it used to thunder and then pour down…it loved the heavenly feel of the rain drops on its waxy coat…it used to calm it down…wipe it clean drop by drop…and it used to feel re-energized and pepped up again…and at night it slept peacefully snoring under the twinkling spread of bright stars…

summer heat was receding day by day and the bright sunny days became scanty….skies were turning grey…the cherry, fringe, maple and birch trees were changing the colours, from bright green they had gone rustic red…people were collecting the harvest….when it looked below, everyone seemed busy…ants, badgers, squirrels, raccoons, beavers-all of them were busy in hunting and storing the food…and then it noticed a change…it’s green was had turned pale…and now few patches of deep brown were appearing too…still it thought “What a wonderful life it is”

and then one day something unusual happened , the sun travelled at its farthest below the horizon, some birds and animals migrated and others went into hibernation….and then the roots of the tree where it still stood firm announced that it has decided to let the upper part go dormant…it was winter….and that meant- it was the time for this leaf to bid goodbye to the tree…to let go ....it shivered…it quivered…all the trees nearby were naked now…and when the strong wintry wind blew this time, it finally let itself be…it drifted from the branch…into the air…to and fro…little to right and then to the left…and landed on the barren land below…land that was once buzzing with life…it still had traces of life left in it…it looked above, at the tree where it used to be…and thought “what a wonderful life it is”


  1. very interesting!!!! there is nature, art n ofcourse there's poetry in ur writing...absolutely loved it....

    1. Thanks Josna!! This story is a "as it is" narrative by a leaf :)