Monday, June 15, 2015

74/365 / Sandy The Snail / Playtime Stories


While today Vihaan and I were busy playing, something on the window sill caught our attention!!

Behind the curtain there was a teeny-tiny creature!!

It was a snail !! A happy-tappy snail named Sandy!! 

Sandy lives underground but as it was raining , it came out of the ground so as not to get drowned...and climbed all way up to the window to enter our meet vihaan!!

Sandy was very hungry....and it munched on few leaves of our indoor plant!!
It told us that it is herbivores and eats plants, vegetables, and fruits... 

After sandy was done with it's vegan lunch, it made friends with Vihaan...Vihaan very carefully touched its long ears called the Tentacles....and its shell, which protects and houses the snail.

Very soon, both became very good friends...!! and finally Sandy decided to stay with us for sometime, till the monsoon is over for the season!!

So that was the story of Sandy!!

I had been out for grocery shopping today and got this new toy for Vihaan!!
Actually he picked up this one from a large collection of toys, may be because of the bright colors..!! we thought of making up a story and giving it a name :)

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