Monday, June 22, 2015



I remember my childhood days, I loved rain (and I think every kid does that, it fascinated them, they want to go out) , I was never allowed to go out  in rain, my parents were always concerned that I might fall sick, and the only option was to watch it pour down from my french window at home...and now after so many years the history repeats itself,  I have a tiny boy who loves rain and wants to go out and have some fun but I am the concerned mom here, worried about health and falling sick...

 But I also want him to enjoy, feel it, touch it and dance in it...  so we found a way, we got  a rain coat so that you can also have your share of fun in the down pour, after all its not just a matter of a day or two but this is monsoon, it will last a month or 2 and then after a brief lull there will be retreating monsoon also, so we can't keep you locked up inside...the other thing that i am searching for is Gum boots for you, they will  look awesome, compete your rain gear, and protect you too, I searched almost all the possible sites but couldn't find anywhere ;)  !! I will try to get them from Kashmir, lets see!!

Here are some picks that I managed to get today in the park, we went to the park and the rain apparently stopped ;), there was just slight drizzling!!

you look so adorable and you were complimented also for your super cute looks and the rain coat!!

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