Wednesday, June 3, 2015


After making homemade soaps and balms I have been thinking a lot lately about healthy & natural living, good thing is that I have been reading all the food labels before purchasing stuff and I can't tell you how many products I had to put down today morning while I had been out to buy groceries , every third thing had “Artificial flavours, artificial colour” and I never paid any attention to them before …it’s a real cause of worry and this latest row over exceedingly high levels of lead in the so famous Maggi noodles has left everyone agape!! I mean you don’t know really what’s going on in our body system??

Anyways apart from that I have been thinking about how I can add some homemade charm to Vihaan’s clothing  and yesterday I came up with this idea of sewing the Pom-Pom’s on the T-shirt's neckline and I turned out to be a pretty good idea…he looks so sweet!!

 I have some time before he grows up and says “Hey mom, boys don't wear this/that” ;) 

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