Monday, May 11, 2015

Sweet Lime and star Anise Tea

If you are always on the move (like me), cleaning the windows, doing the dishes, making the bed, and all that.... finding it hard to relax and " just be" then I will suggest,  after you are done with most of the household chores, just sit for a while, sink deep in the couch...close your eyes.. go back to your childhood...imagine it's raining hard walk barefoot and let the rain drench you, embrace you tightly...smell the flowers and breathe deeply....let all the worries, stress leave your body as you exhale and when you feel little your eyes...head straight to the kitchen and make this amazing sweet lime and Star Anise tea. It will help you stay calm and lock that lost joy inside for a little while!!

Put few slices of a sweet lime and couple of star anise in a teapot…pour hot water and let infuse for 5-8 minutes. You can also add little sugar if you wish…I prefer plain… hold the tea in your mouth… feel the taste, awaken your senses... and let it in… drink freely.

 You can also refrigerate it  and then drink later on!!


  1. Earlier today, Vaishali and I were discussing teas that may have a calming effect / induce sleep. Must share this recipe with her :-)