Wednesday, May 6, 2015

At home-with a friend

Finally the much awaited picture was clicked today!!

I had been to Josna's welcoming and cozy home today...and I made sure that we clicked our picture together...I always feel at ease with her, it is the feeling that I get when she is around...feeling that "lets me be" and then everything happens effortlessly... she has that sort of an aura...that is welcoming and serene.

I have also learned quite a few things from her...ginger drink and caramel pudding which she had made for us today and we loved it!! 

Thank you Josna for being a part of our life and making us relish your wonderful recipes :)  !! 


  1. ...this is really a beginning of an unexpected freindship for me as a mother...u know what im just over the moon meeting u at this stage of my life...just an adorable family...God Bless you...

    1. Looking forward to many more wonderful experiences with you... God bless you and your loving family!!