Sunday, May 3, 2015



Recommended Teething essentials for weary mother's soul:)

It can be really frustrating to see the baby going through all the pain and irritation while teething, especially when any of the teething rings are of no use and baby is biting and gnawing all the time. 

 Vihaan was going through this phase of biting, he was edgy, not eating properly and being clingy...I had no clue what to do....I was not too keen on using any of the teething medicines!!

Then I find out these two really great teething essentials:

1) Feeding mesh,that is coming out to be a great teething feeder, it has saved me and Akash from Viaahn's Biting, he is using this mesh feeder with lot of ease, I put pieces of carrot, apple, pear inside the mesh and he bites it, chews it and once done leaves it happily..he feels much more satisfied afterwards.

2)Mee Mee pacifier with a cover that closes when dropped, which is great from hygiene point.

I am happy that these two products are serving the purpose and making this teething journey bit comfortable for all 3 of us...


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