Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Homemade Herbal Soap :)

Story goes like this, “so the really handsome Narcissus saw his reflection in the pool of water and he fell in love with it”

Yeah I made this saffron, turmeric, and rosemary soap at home today and I fell in love with it…   :)
I am so happy to have finally made it, few days earlier even yestreen it was a dream…so distant, so far…just in my thoughts…but today I am holding it in my hands…smelling it and taking pride in it!!  After all  “I made a soap, a homemade soap”.

My soapy story goes back to the post (here) when I started to pay attention to the products that we have been using without actually being aware of the chemicals used in their I thought I will make soap at home as well since it can be done... and I will be making it as safe as possible by using all the natural ingredients!!

It’s like one of a thing on my “DIY before I die “ list is checked…I did it!!   and By the way aren't those visible valuable saffron threads so inviting?? 


  1. nd we are the first customer to try it!!!! nd it works so that is supree's miraculous soap..:-)once again supree u r the star of stars....:-)

    1. Hey thanks for the product review :)

  2. Replies
    1. Sure... I ll get one for you too :)