Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Jewellery collection

Today I tried my hands on some jewellery photography...I am not that fond of jewellery by any long short and this collection has been lying like that in the box since ages...I am bit aloof in terms of grooming, makeup and all...the only thing that I do is probably apply herbal kajal and a moisturizer and that's makeup simple..ends in 2 steps!! and when we are going out..guess what, I am the one who gets ready just like no time whereas Akash takes his own sweet time :)

Now a little confession time...I have never ever shopped for lipsticks/any other beauty products or jewellery in my life...all that I have are gifted to me by my family, Akash, my Mother In law, my sister,and friends...they are so generous!! you might be thinking what kindaa woman I am..well I told you earlier that I am bit wired, I wasn't lying when I told you that :) !!

Ok..coming back to the jewellery...Here are few click of my fav jewellery collection!!

These two above- A gift from My Mother in Law

Last three above - Gifted by Akash, one on Diwali and the other 2 just like that ;) !!


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    1. Thanks Deeps...
      Hopped to your blog, I like the blog apt!!

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  3. Visited your blog after ages, only to find photos of these beautiful jewellery pieces. Absolutely adore the silver jhumkas.

    Shall try to be more regular around here.


    1. Hey Mala, thanks for taking out time and visiting the blog!!
      Hope you had a great vacation!!