Thursday, May 14, 2015

How safe is your Family toothpaste??

How safe is your Family toothpaste??

We get the best toothpaste available in the market, we brush 2 times in a day and that’s it…
No carries, no cavity and no worries.. and all goody..

Well let me burst the bubble and state that we are doomed at the first step …why?? What??
Because my friends that toothpaste has been lying to us..{with a loud grin, I might add}
we never pay attention to the “active ingredients” in our germ fighting toothpaste…
have you wondered why we get to hear so much about cancer incidence in every third person we know…in our family, in our circle…it’s so prevalent nowadays…why??

Partly because day in –day out we are using the chemicals that trigger such reaction in our body, and we  hardly know!! a little more knowledge, little more effort can save us and our dear ones!! Awareness about what we use, what we buy…can make a lot of difference!!

Today while I was watching TV…I happened to see a very informational programme based on the day to day products that we use and about their ingredients…that was a real eye opener for me.. I headed straight to my washroom and got all the toothpastes that we have been using since ages…and when I checked for their ingredients, I was shocked…it was all too confusing.....I thought I used the best products… even the toothpaste that I thought was safe enough for Vihaan was not SAFE!!

What to do?? Now I was aware of the harmful chemicals that we have been using every day, first thing in the morning…I had to do something about it and then I searched for the safer options my surprise even the Dabur red toothpaste had few artificial preservatives… after much research I finally settled for Vicco vajradanti toothpaste..I found it to be safe and 100% herbal and Vihaan can use it as well!! ( For more information about Vicco toothpaste click here..)  I called up the local supermarket guy to check for this particular brand which he had…I dumped all other tubes in the waste bin and pledged to be more alert and wise in terms of choosing the products that we guys use…in coming days I will research for the  Hair shampoos, conditioner’s and other products that we use and take appropriate actions if required!!

I will suggest that you guys go through this Skin Deep and EWG  to know more about the products that you have been using and if need be, switch to safer options…after all its for your health and wellbeing…take an initiative!!

AS I say : Love, respect, and treat your body well, remember it’s where your soul resides”

PS: This post is not sponsored by" Vicco", opinion expressed is my own and data points are taken from (EWG) and Skin Deep.

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