Sunday, May 17, 2015

Our most valuable treasure- Our Relationships!!

If you have a plant at home… you won’t just keep it all decked up in the balcony or in some corner of the house…It's not about mere possession... rather you will ensure that you take best care of it, you will take appropriate steps for its survival and then it’s continued healthy growth… for that you need to know it well because different plants have different requirements…what goes for one won’t go for everyone. You will make sure it gets proper lighting, just right amount of water, sufficient nutrients, proper handling, adequate air circulation…you will dedicate your daily scheduled time for its well being, isn't it??!!

 Well, same goes for our relationships also…they also need our time, our support, our understanding to grow and bloom!! and  the sooner we get it the better it is, because, deep down...oblivious to the naked eyes.. if the root dies, the plant will wilt away too..if the impact is deeper, than nothing you do superficially will save it from dying away...!!!

it is the root, that nourishes the whole plant, that anchors it to the soil, that stimulates the growth...and root is deep down...undergoing a lot, all by itself..!! 

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