Monday, May 25, 2015

Around here

Still trying to figure out what I am…still in the process of defining my life, I try to do so many things, yet I fail to complete them…I begin with so much enthusiasm and fail to  take it till the end…that’s me…over enthusiastic me…ludicrous me…

Today while cleaning the cupboard, I found this amazing book and I wondered why?? Why had I left it halfway…I should have completed it…read it through…so here I am reading it again… 

Few amazing lines that I read today:

“ and it is a very simple fact that the more you know, the less you wonder….

As you grow older, you lose the sensitivity for wonder, you become more and more dull…but the reason for it is that now you know everything. You know nothing, but your mind is full of borrowed knowledge, and you have not ever thought that underneath it is nothing but darkness and ignorance…” –Osho, the book of woman.

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