Sunday, May 3, 2015

May be I am crazy...but I am happy!!

Well that's what happy people do, happy people are bit rebellious, they are bit different, bit wired, they care less about what others might be thinking of them...they go an extra mile , they ask questions, they never hesitate for asking what they want even if others think that it might sound silly...they take out time to do what they love...they are always on the move...they listen to their heart!!

Ok you might be thinking that I am crazy, maybe I am...because I am happy...I never hesitate for asking the guy at the ice cream parlour to put some extra chocolate on my  ice-cream cone...and he smiles and put it happily...I never care what people will think when I take off my sandals and jump in the stream of water in the local park...and kids watch me and they do the same... they jump in with joy...I know that I have shared my happiness with them...

I never hesitate in asking a local vegetable vendor why is he grumpy, is it because he had a bad day...well I wish whatever it is, it will be taken care by god...I know by saying so I have shared his pain as well...must have made him feel a little better if not much!!

I do what i feel like, I live in the moment!! 

May be I am crazy...but I am happy!!