Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Lesson learned Over the cup of spilled tea!!

Today both of us (Vihaan and I) were in the kitchen, I was busy making my tea and Vihaan as usual was keeping me company….Even though I try my best to pay full attention to Vihaan, I also try to finish up a multitude of things that are pending …and today in all this mess I kept my steaming hot cup just on the edge of the kitchen counter and I went to check on the washing machine and in the fraction of a second Vihaan got hold of the cup and before I could stop him the tea came pouring down  on his hand and arm…he cried… I caught hold of him, took him to the washroom and immersed his arm in the water…

Thankfully it was not severe…it took him 10 minutes to come out of it…he was okay and he  forgot what had just happened… he forgot... and he forgave me…for not being mentally present, for messing up…he forgave me…even though he was truly hurt…he forgave me easily…perhaps he knew that this hurt was small and is going to heal with time… I was feeling guilty...I was in unrest but my little boy was calm, composed and he resumed playing, he gave me smile...and I thought how  bigger heart this boy of mine has!! Probably bigger than me!! Because I know I am not that forgiving !!

 How difficult we grown-ups find it to forgive someone and how easily kids do it!!

It was a lesson learned…to let go of the hurt because it is going to heal with time anyway.. if there is something that we should hold on to, then its Love, faith and forgiveness!!