Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Some Bum Charm ;)

Around here, we are learning new things everyday, 

Let's quickly get to the story behind this bum charm....there is a very sweet comely boy in our society "Arokya", I spotted him in his cool pants while he was hopping and running in his own world in the park couple of days back, he had very cute animal patches on his bum and his mother "Mala" told me that they have a complete set of these pants...I Absolutely fell in love with his pants.

 I wanted something like that for Vihaan as well, so I ripped some patches from Vihaan's old clothes that no longer fit him and stitched them on the pants...since we do not have a sewing machine at home, we had to do it with hands :( but we enjoyed.

  Vihaan was happy posing for was kinda funny, I was after his bum with my lens...

Thanks to Mala and Arokya for the inspiration :)

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