Thursday, February 26, 2015

DIY-Patchy hair clips

We are having a patch frenzy lately, Picture me at home with clothes, threads, and patches everywhere and I lost in the pile of patches :)

in my last post about Bum patches I had stitched some patches on pants and that's when I thought about what should I do with the smaller pieces/patches afterall they are quite cute as well and I cannot afford to ignore them, then I thought about making some hair clips for Vihaan. So here we are:

I used:
 couple of small sized patches.
Steel hair clips/plastic clips
pieces of scrap cloth (Old bra straps)


Stitch the under surface of the patch with a piece of cloth (I used a piece of strap from my old bra), neatly glue it to the steel clip/plastic hair clip, wait for 5-20 minutes while the adhesion is perfect and Viola!! you are done!! 

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