Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Everyday Joy

I have a confession to make:

While I was working and being good at all the corporate jargons, while I was excelling at work, striving for that competitive edge , getting recognized for doing work before the deadlines, while I was busy doing all that (I considered the important stuff), I thought that being a home maker will be so boring and so monotonous, it won't add to my personality in anyway, I will become good for nothing.

but I was wrong completely wrong, I was fooling myself all those years, now that I am a home maker, I am better able to bring out the best in me, that fuels my soul, my inner fire, after all it's only after quitting my job did I realize that I can be good at so many other things, that I will be able to see Joy, happiness, and contentment in ordinary things.

 I also realized that I tried to be a social butterfly, I was constantly busy with stupid notifications, likes, tweeting, pinning stuff unnecessarily...that whole cycle was unending, it was exhausting and tiring, that's the reason I deleted my FB account  last year, It was getting on to me, I didn't wanted to be subjected to the likes, comments, posting and sharing stuff so I did what was the need of the hour...and at that time I wrote a piece for YORO, here... about this social networking.

Well for now I am a caterpillar in a cocoon, blogging, writing about my life in my own personal space that is comforting to me...giving time to myself, re-energizing, rejuvenating and getting ready before the final flight out of the cocoon!!

That's an awakening and that's what I call everyday joy!!

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