Thursday, February 19, 2015

Wedding Anniversary-4th year

Fourth year... and it feels as if I have been with you from ages, feels like I had to be with you only and no one else, feels inseparable...

Look how beautiful memories we made yesterday,  I see these pictures and I fall in love with you all over again... 

I had been planning for this photo shoot from quiet some time,I had been shopping online for our special outfits... taking time everyday... meticulously choosing our accessories, your bow tie, my white dress...the props..

 I had planned that we won't go out for a lunch, or dinner or just for a cup of coffee, we won't go out for shopping, we will stay at home and make some good memories over a cup of ordinary yet Sapid tea made by you ;), we will spend some exceptional time at home,  after all home is where my heart is, where you are , where my family is..

We spent close to some 2-3 hours in our photo shoot, tripod photography, it was like throwing a ball from one end and running to the other end to catch it...but we enjoyed, every shot, every click, every chase ;)

I love you my dear darling husband and I wish to be with you till the end of time, for I have planned many many more, crazy, wacky, funny, loving photo shoots with you for years to come...

Here's to our 4 years of togetherness as Husband & wife....cheers!!

PS:Photography credit goes to my husband Akash, and also to our tripod ;)for it wouldn't have been possible without you !!

Special Thanks to the "Wellness team" Akash's team at office for the scrumptious, heavenly, mouthwatering cake!!  It was a great surprise and we absolutely loved it :)!!


  1. Many many congratulations....god bless u are really great...

  2. This is an absolutely stunning post! You both look outstanding together. Our 1st wedding anniversary is about to come. One year ago we got married at the beautiful Malibu wedding venue. It was the best day of my life!