Wednesday, February 11, 2015

We had been to the Kala Ghoda fest yesterday, it's a fest showcasing the art work from around the different states, a true delight for the art lovers.

Stretching from the Regal Circle Southern end of Mahatma Gandhi Road, to northern end of the Mumbai University, to the west by the Oval Maidan  and on the east to the Lion Gate.

 It is an attraction for people not just from all over the country but from the world as well.

We chose a weekday as on weekends the foot fall is too high, and it would have been difficult with Vihaan to manage in the crowd.

Vihaan was a true celebrity there, Photographers with their high-end cameras (way better than mine :( ) were clicking Vihaan, he seemed to enjoy all the attention, while I and Akash were sitting aside beaming with happiness and proud. 

He was a true heartthrob  with so many pretty girls doting on him.

Next year I will attend the fest with my own High-End camera ;), that's what Akash has promised me!!

Here are few glimpses!!

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