Monday, February 16, 2015

Earth is my home

often late at night when I sit alone, in deep thoughts, I  ask myself...What is luxury?? 

And everytime I close my eyes...I see my hometown Kashmir...and this is what my heart tells me:

Luxury is living in a home not an apartment, home where you have open view, a vast garden in front...where you breathe free, where you grow flowers in the heart of earth not merely in the pots decked in the balcony, not on the terrace but with your own hands in the soil.


Luxury is your own fav spot at your home... maybe your attic where you lay down on a full moon night and marvel at the beauty of the stars, the purity of the sky…where you get to see nothing but  a vast blanket of twinkling stars at night not adjacent buildings… Luxury is not just Italian sofa, a posh recliner in your living room...   


Luxury is sleeping without the thought of limitless possibilities, thought of love and a new beginning every morning.


Luxury is being free from closures…from being indoors…being able to go out in the sun whenever you feel like, letting the door open for those unexpected guests…


Luxury is throwing a party in the backyard under the clear blue sky and inviting your friends and family and sharing giggles and smiles…


I am glad that I have seen and been and brought up in such a place where I have grown plants with my own hands…where I have seen and played with frogs in my garden, …where I have plucked the bunch of grapes from the grapevine and gifted some to the neighbours as well… I am glad that I have seen abundant in my life.

 I want that life for Vihaan as well, I want him to see abundant too, to run after butterflies in his own garden, to plant with his own hands in the soil… to nurture nature… to believe that:

“Earth is my home” 


All the pictures above are captured by me in my home town Kashmir...for more pictures of kashmir, click here and here


  1. I agree with all the things in the post....even i cant tell you how much i want a home with a garden where my kids would play around...I will keep wishing for it till it comes true.

    1. We are so lucky that we have actually lived and cherished that life.
      Will make it happen for our kids as well.

  2. very is so challenging. ....need to sacrifice
    many things in life...