Monday, February 9, 2015

Trying to keep my sanity intact...

Trying to keep my sanity intact...past weekend was bit hard on me, long and tiring...amidst all the demands of motherhood, I kind of lost it all, lost my composure and broke down, Vihaan had been crying all day long, throwing tantrums...not ready to listen and I was a total mess...tired face, trembling hands, tearful eyes...

Picture me sobbing like a child, Akash trying to figure out what happened to me,speaking to me softly.. while I was attempting to pull myself together again. 

Finally I slept after exhausting myself...sometimes sleeping over stuff really helps you!!

That's the story of my weekend!! Hope you had a great one!!


  1. Just be strong...its a part of motherhood.... later when you look back at all these days you will just feel happy and proud

    1. That's what I am trying to do.... at times things get totally beserk!!
      I know I have to be strong enough and keep my calm.