Friday, February 20, 2015

I am Thankful :)

You are a beautiful thing my precious, you are my part, born out of my flesh and bones, my essence, you have the best of us, me & your father.  

I see you and I crumble like a freshly baked cookie,
I melt like butter in a pan, I dissolve like a drop of ink in the water jar, I diffuse like lemony scent in the air.

 I feel delighted, I feel elated, I tell myself "Such a beautiful thing we made out of love"...

I see you smile & I feel as if I seen a rainbow after a storm.I see you giggling & I feel as if hundred of wind chimes are dancing with the early morning breeze.
When you get hurt I feel a flutter in my heart.

You are pure joy in our life!!

I am thankful for being your mother.

PS: I have been creating these "Thankful" graphics with the help of Photofy, today I used TextCutie as well.

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