Monday, January 19, 2015

H for Hamleys :o)

It was wonderful Sunday for all three of us, we had been to the Hamleys, one of the best toy shops in the world, well I haven't seen the world yet but this much I can vouch for, everything is so great about this store, the toys, the look and feel and of course the wonderful cadre as well...Vihaan was so happy to be there, which obviously you can make out from the pictures below...he was tugging at everything that was in his reach and yes lunging for things beyond his reach ,my big-eyed boy 8-D

We also met this really demiurgic guy, "samson" there, he made a boy and a girl out of the alphabets "boy" & "girl" & dancing girls just like that with the stroke of this hands... he also gifted Vihaan his name written beautifully with  3D effect :)...Thank you Samson :)

 For Vihaan We got a rolling hamster, a moving & shaking cute little Alien that repeats everything you say and we got a fun creative stationery kit for mommy as well :D  see Hamleys has stuff for mommy too!! we were trying to get some G.I Joes for daddy ooops.. for Vihaan  , but they were not available...daddy is very fond of them and had  entire collection in his juniority, he was intending to buy them for Vihaan however they are no more manufactured now, not here in India :(

That's the story of our weekend...Hope you guys had a wonderful weekend too!!

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