Monday, January 5, 2015

Inside & Outside-Glimpses of our weekend!!

There is a slight change in the weather here, Air has a frigorific effect in early morning and evening that's why I take vihaan to the our society park bit early than usual, he gets to play in the sunshine while I try to relax a bit in the open air!! 

Saturday,  I took my camera with me while  going to the park, incidentally I found a dozens of snail shells there, lucky me :), good load of my time was spent in the capturing them while Akash played with Vihaan. After I was done, I placed every shell back to where it belonged carefully, I wanted to bring few of them back home but then I noticed that snails were still inside them, may be hibernating as was evident from the sealed ends!!

Sunday was bit lazy!! I had a bad headache at night which left me feeling exhausted.

Here are few pictures!!

Basal view of a gastropod shell, showing the sealed part

Dorsal View

Three little Musketeers

Lion sleeps tonite :)

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