Friday, January 23, 2015

What I heart...

First month of the New year,I was surfing the Internet and thinking about what I would love to do in this new year, what I would do different, I do have few things in my mind, some I can do and for some I will have to wait bit longer till we have a house of our own and till Vihaan is of a certain age, when he can take care of himself, may be in his 20'S.

Till the time I can dream about them...

Here is the list:

I want my very own Art room in my house,where I don't have to keep things locked up, stashed away, A room where everything is in my reach and where I can just be and create stuff I love.Something like the links below:

I like sewing, you can create so many beautiful things if you know how to sew, can surely add some charm to your home with so many sewing ideas, I wish I could...I intend to buy a really good sewing machine this year, so that I can make some beautiful stuff like below:

Crochet,Hmmm.....yup I wish I could make some nice designs like the the links below, just like that :)

An adventure trail, wow the mere idea lifts my soul and makes me go "Ga GA", I get this burst of energy every time I watch this video below...

So this is my list, and definitely this is not complete...there are many more things to be added...for now..that's it...will update the list soon.
This is what I heart...I would love to know what do you??

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