Friday, January 2, 2015

Past few months-Run down

I am writing a post after so many days, to be honest I feel little wobbly, I left blogging way back in June 2014 and now after a lot of mental workout I am doing it again!! Somewhere I am disappointed with myself for not being able to complete what I started with so much fervor, I am talking about posting a pic of my son everyday...I truly am..I truly appreciate the bloggers like  Lamb loves fox and documenting delight who are so committed to their projects!! Hats off to you guys...

A lot has changed in my life...
 1) We moved to a different city, from Delhi to Mumbai and I am still finding it bit hard to get adjusted to the culture and climate both. It's hell a lot different from Delhi (North India) in both the aspects, culture/climate...It's January and there is no sign of winter my surprise,I miss those wintry days, warmth of winter sun, hot cup of coffee on a chilling day...lying like a ball of fur in my bed till late mornings and thinking twice whether to dip my hand in cold water and not, those foggy mornings when it seemed like I was floating in the sky... all those things :(
what can I say...
By nature it is a rule that man is a fool
Wanting hot when its cold
Wanting cold when its hot
Always wanting what is not :)

Although I feel much safer here in Mumbai than Delhi and I find people bit more considerate and welcoming than Delhi.

2) My son is all grown up now...last time I posted, he was still Teeny- Tiny and now he has started solids, can crawl and stand up with assistance, is more expressive, has his likings/dislikings, gets angry and makes sure we notice that :)

3) I have my own professional Photography/designing website now Stills with Gibberish (http:/ and am looking for work from home for photography/infographic designing thing as a freelancer, I finally thought of pursuing my dream and doing what my heart is into!!

4) I also started writing on-off for a website, YORO (You only read once), it's an upcoming content website and have written 3-4 pieces for it lately

Sometimes I find it hard to manage so many things,  baby, household chores, photography, designing, writing, etc and there are times when i feel like as if I am falling apart...I feel like shutting everything down and going to a peaceful sleep for hours which lately has not been a luxury at all and then in all this chaos, I see my son Vihaan, his innocent face, his smile and that fills me with joy, with energy, rigor to do all this, all over again.

I can't say whether I will continue the project of posting Vihaan's pic every day , I will try, genuinely try to blog everyday and if I won't be able to do this, or i miss  day or 2 or may be a month or so, I won't judge myself for that, I won't feel bad...I will do it again as soon as possible :)

Happy new year....Cheers!!

Soaking sun

Juhu beach for the first time

First solids, Yellow Dal soup 

Love you my darling

On a shopping spree

Getting hold of things :)

Yipee, Mummy got me white crib (which is so very hard to find in India)

I can stand now!!

Wow!! So these are christmas lights!!

I like it when I am outdoors

So what is this mummy?? :)

I am not going inside the house, I like it here!!

Interacting with fishes for the first time!!

Beetroot puree is yummy!!

I love you Mummy

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  1. I cant tell you hw much i have been waiting for your blogs but better late than never...I loved the blog and pictures are just amazing and yes vihaan is looking much like ibrahim in few pictures.