Monday, January 12, 2015

Vihaan's Fav's

It has been 4 months in Mumbai now and we have made few friends here, Thanks to kids's only because of kids that we adults get to interact with each other in our society park.

Vihaan has few favourites as well, it's Bavithra, whom we call Bavi and her two adorable kids, boys...Elder one is Adithya, very loving and greets everyone in the park, makes it a point to say hello and bye to everyone, it Was Aditya who came to me for the first time in park and made friends with Vihaan. I couldn't click his picture as he was busy with his own stuff, playing and greeting people, I will click and post one soon. The younger one is Badri, very naughty and sweet and always up to something.

Vihaan likes it when Aunty Bavi is around and happily hops into her lap, he likes to play with her house keys...little red wooden beads!!

Here are few pictures!!

Vihaan and Aunty Bavi

Naughty Badri...I can see his mischievous smile

Badri trying to set a new world record of running a race with two balls without falling down :P

There you see keys in Vihaan's hand

Busy with his Fav keys...

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