Saturday, January 3, 2015

Bun in the oven ;)

Yes, there is a bun in the oven...getting baked at the right temperature and timer is set :)

I am so happy to know that my best friend Life is bful is in family way again :) I was intending to do a preg photoshoot with her but right  now things are on back will be done surely before the baby arrives. 

Farhu I wish you lots of love , luck, and health to you and your bun in the oven;) (baby)!!



  1. Hope to see you soon dear...As it is my ist trimister so u can imagine how pathetic i must be looking these days...All i want is to be under the blankets all the time.Surely this bun is giving me lot restlessness....i just hope 4 it to b baked nicely.

    1. Ahh!! Don't worry about the looks.... They keep changing all the time ⌚. All the focus is on the bun right now 😊