Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Blog Anniversary

3 years of  blogging!!! 

This blog is my own personal space where I  share my thoughts, my creativity and my moments of despair, and in these 3 years I have learned a lot through my blog, I never thought that I could be good at photography, writing quotes, designing my own images and so much more.... and also putting them all together nicely.

Blogging has energized me, refreshed me, it has fueled and unleashed my creativity and the person inside me, it has kept me going when things were difficult and given me inspiration and motivation when I needed. This blog has been my best friend in these 3 years :) and this blog has given me wonderful friends as well.

Thanks to Bella, lamb loves fox, and Farhuma for joining me in this journey and making it wonderful!!

This blog has beautifully treasured all my memories and the course of my life...when I look back from where I started, I see a lot better me now.

This wonderful journey is surely miles to go...happy blogging to me!!


  1. Indeed dear your blogs keep getting better day by day.i can say this because no matter where i am i want to check everyday what and how has been your day.Keep blogging.

  2. Thanks Farhu, I know you are always there for an honest feedback & for appreciating my efforts ☺