Saturday, January 3, 2015

New perspective-New beginning-our story!!

Last night my husband said something to me that changed the whole perspective of my blogging, he said to me that he had been through my blog and he read every single post, he saw all the images and he said he felt so good to see all that, it was a complete visual tour of our wonderful years spent in Delhi, our outings, our joys, little things that we did together!! 

Later at night  Akash and Vihaan were  sleeping and I could hear nothing but their peaceful breathing, I opened my blog and saw all those pics and posts, it was a beautiful journey, a wife and now a wife + new mom...

my pregnancy posts and then Vihaan's early surely felt good and then I thought about a thousand things, about our life as a family about Vihaan progress, about our future, about the time when Vihaan will grow into a handsome young man, about his girlfriend/girlfriends :), his wife and children, about the time when I will be no more and Akash will be here on earth with my  memories...he will have my blog, our life in front of him in pictures, in great it will be..

Vihaan will have our visual story, his childhood pictures...It will be a legacy.

All these thoughts played right in front of my if it was happening and I was witnessing all if i travelled in time and came back...and when I came back to the night , to the place I saw the calm composed face of my husband and my son and I felt a wave of calmness fill me , my senses, as the moonlight fills the dark night with it's silvery glow and makes everything shine, dispelling the gloom and shadows!!

I thought of putting my all heart and my love to this very space of mine, this very blog, my sanctuary, it has so many memories to tell, it has our story, our joys, our achievements, our essence...I will make it special!! I will give it a new beginning a new perspective!!

I will leave behind a place that is welcoming for my family to come back when they feel like, place that has warmth and love, place that makes you forget everything else while you are here.... No matter in what mood you are in...I promise you will always feel enlivened here...wish me luck in this endeavour!!

Sunshine lulling my baby to sleep :)

Curious eyes trying to figure out what mom is up to??

This is your favourite pose and your dad's too :)!!

A dog caught your attention here!!

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  1. Very nice thought that" you will always feel enlivened here..."Gives me a boost to start writing again with a new prespective.Gud luck to you.