Saturday, January 31, 2015

Bidding farewell to Jovial January

It indeed was a Jovial January for us, family of 3 happy souls!!

We loved, We laughed, We prayed, We thanked, We cherished, &

We had our moments of sadness, disagreements, and arguments also, and it's fair enough because all 3 of us have our own individuality and we respect that for sure...all is fair in love, family love!!

Vihaan learned to express himself better this January,he figured out the way to go out of the apartment, he knows we are going out when we put on our shoes, he is learning fast :)

Akash and I, to put it more precisely, "I"  learned to stay happy in spite of our own differences, I learned to let go of the things that irritate me and take certain things lightly rather than taking everything to heart...well Akash already knows how to do that, he is a better "let goer", a better "happy go lucky" than me...

With all this, we finally say bye-bye to" Jovial January" and look forward to a "Fantastic February"

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