Saturday, January 31, 2015

How we met a special friend this morning....

We woke up this morning and I had this strong urge to go to the park  and guess what we did so,me and vihaan, yup, we looked still sleepy our bed hair :)

We were not alone though, shortly we were joined a special friend, a cat who seemed to excited to see us there, I guess it was getting bored alone ...It sat beside us and Vihaan was very happy to see it, he wanted to feel it's soft fur, touch it's tail, and very sweetly when it uttered "Meow meow" he was all the more happy, happy to hear it from a cat for the very first time, till now he had heard it from me :)

Aww!! It melted my heart and I called Akash and asked him to get some cheese so that we can feed the cat. So while Cat had a hearty breakfast, we clicked few pictures.

Bed hair !!

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