Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Day painted in velvety pink

Pink pink everywhere!!! It was a wonderful day painted with velvety pink, it all started with one little beetroot and ended up with pink stains everywhere...I enjoyed every bit of it, I was as nonchalant as you are, as lively as you are but not as innocent as you are :)

You have taught me that sometimes it feels so good to live in a moment, even though the routine is same every day yet my days are not the same any more, every day we discover more about each other, we get closer to each other and we learn so much together, last night when I was singing "Ba Ba Black sheep" , you repeated the words " Ba Ba" after me and you kept doing it until you fell asleep :)

Let's keep learning, loving, and laughing going on forever!!

About the pictures:

1 Perfect pose
2 Pieces of beetroot, carrot, and milk in the grinder
3 Kitchen sink painted with pink
4 Your breakfast ready- Beetroot & Carrot mash
5 Your crib sheet-WIP
6 My work getting quality check by you :)

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